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DOS Not Dead
and Alpha Four is Very Much Alive

Some people dismiss Alpha Four simply because Alpha Four is a "DOS software".  It should be pointed out that today many largest corporations continue to use DOS-based programs to run mission-critical tasks, for example, payroll, account receivable, account payable, and inventory control.

Alpha Four, especially its latest version (version 8), is a very user-friendly and capable software for building simple database systems.  We estimate that most of the applications written with Alpha Four use less than 10% of what Alpha Four is capable of.  We have been supporting corporations that continue to use Alpha Four.  These clients include an insurance company that uses Alpha Four to store customer and claim information, a chemical company that uses Alpha Four to process orders and generate invoices everyday, and a major university on the east coast that uses Alpha Four to manage security across three campuses and generate all sorts of accident and crime reports.

The latest version of Alpha Four runs efficiently under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  We provide strategies for our clients to use Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers to run Alpha Four.